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How to Organize a DNOW Weekend
An excellent resource for organizing your weekend is a Lifeway document titled, Disciple Now Planning Guide, compiled by Wesley O. Black. This free PDF document includes sections on coordinating the event, selecting leaders, making curriculum decisions, training volunteers, organizing host families, publicity, food preparation, evaluation, and follow up.

Choosing Curriculum Articles

Disciple Now Curriculum - Know Your Culture
By Jamie Starrett

The majority of disciple now curriculum you buy has a set plan but also has room for flexibility. These opportunities to be flexible and make changes may not always be visible but right away but it is important that we find them. This is not only because these opportunities can help make our teaching more dynamic but quite often these opportunities are a necessity. In this article I will explain exactly what I mean and the action you need to take to make sure the students in your small group get everything out of the lessons that they can. <more...>

Disciple Now Curriculum - Training Session
By Jamie Starrett

When preparing for your disciple now weekend, it is almost inevitable that you will have a training session for your leaders. Or at least I hope you will make this investment in your leaders a priority. At least a segment of your leader training should revolve around your Disciple Now Curriculum. After all, you are putting a lot of thought into what you are going to use, and you should in turn make sure those who will be presenting it, see that thought process. Here are a few things that I have found to be very helpful as I have taught and trained others to do so. <more...> 

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